Live Laparoscopic surgery Workshop & Symposium

ICAGE was founded by Dr Rajesh Devassy in Dubai 2010 and have been successfully educating the forefront of Gynecological minimal-access surgery having conducted numerous events so far in UAE and Overseas.

Message from the Chairman's desk

Dear colleagues,

For the 16th & 17th time in the year 2019, in cooperation with Dubai London Clinic, and together with Prof. Dr. Rudy Leon De Wilde as a scientific chairperson, I am organizing the reputed international consensus Meeting, ICAGE, Live minimal-access surgery workshop & symposium. This time, due to popular demand and by opinion poll On ICAGE - 15 we are placing Mastering the art of suturing & hysterectomy procedure focus in 2019, covering myoma, endometriosis and revisiting indications amongst in depth discussions and didactic lectures on a systematic master class of the art of suturing, Total laparoscopic and supra-cervical hysterectomy, how to avoid the dreaded complications, getting rid of all the hassles of choosing instrumentation, finding your comfortable energy device, which route and alternatives. Last but not the least what needle holder do I use?? And whether or not to morcellate the specimen! In line with all our ICAGE, the bottom-line is to focus on whatever you wanted to know, to clear your mind and fears about laparoscopic suturing and hysterectomy, and to know what is best for your patient, putting safety first! Laparoscopic surgery in your hands has to be without any compromise! I join with the European key opinion leaders and the leading scientific colleagues in the industry from UAE to present to you a full package of knowledge to take home in 2019.

The symposium will also run a parallel session of hands-on training of the European society for gynaecological endoscopy’s ( ESGE) GESEA program training session. Together this ICAGE designed as a practical outcome oriented approach for practitioners to perform safe and easy minimal-access surgery including: theoretical lectures and clinical discussion, didactic lectures and stump the experts, live surgery and ESGE - GESEA : LASTT, SUTT & HYSTT training sessions. On ICAGE-16 we will also have a exclusive training session on suturing ( SUTT1 and SUTT2).This hands-on training is designed for specialists interested in expanding their knowledge with training and testing their suturing skills in the field of advanced gynaecological surgery.

If you didn’t know yet, GESEA program is the only validated training method currently available for gynaecological minimal-access surgery in the world. Being a part of the GESEA and being the ESGE-GESEA training centre in Dubai, it is a proud moment for us to offer you this in our magnificent city!

ICAGE 16th & 17th edition will take place at Dubai, on the Friday the March 29th and Sunday 6th October 2019.

Registration is now officially open, and the cost of participation is  1000AED for the intensive suturing training on March 29th.  and for the October 6th  conference is 500AED. There are limited seats available, so kindly contact Ms. Harshada Rajendran to book on time and avoid disappointment, by phone on +971-4-3782992 or via email a 20% discount is offered for our trainees and our platinum list of ICAGE members.

Looking forward to moving the limits of advanced gynaecological surgery with you.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Rajesh Devassy

Head of the centre of excellence in minimal-access surgery

ESGE- GESEA training centre, Dubai
Advanced Gynaecological Laparoscopic Surgery

Scientific chairperson - ICAGE.




Dr Nicole Ziegler

Dr Devasy's centre has always been in the forefront of organising regional focussed intensive courses for the specialists. The Scientific committee headed by Prof De Wilde is delvers high quality curriculum and target goal oriented hands-on training. This has been the 3rd time I have been a faculty to Dubai's popular ICAGE series and I am happy to visit again, so we Welcome you for the next Training and testing session at ICAGE.

Chief Doctor at the Clinic Johanneum  ESGE - GESEAMentor Wildeshausen, Germany

Dr. Vasileios Vrentas

I was impressed with the enthusiastic trainees and the fully equipped training centre setup in Dubai's GESEA centre. Structured training conducted by ESGE's GESEA program improves the efficacy and learning process and we encourage the trainees to pursue the process with commitment to excel towards their goal, where everyone is a winner!

Assistant Professor ESGE-GESEA Mentor Klinikum Essen, Germany

Dr Suma Sam

It gave us a very good dry lab exposure of the necessary skills. There were adequate practical sessions which a practicing clinician needs since it was on a weekend and just for a day. I would love to get more expertise if anymore sessions in Dubai.

Aster DM Healthcare, Duba

Sanewesile Kanayile

I would like to comment on the feedback. It was very well organised and scheduled. training is the only way to improve our efficiency for excellence in heath-care. The lessons I have learnt will be passed in to my colleagues and we will go back more for this personalised training program with Dr Devassy in Dubai and in Germany.

Brightpoint Royal Womens Hospital, Abudhabi

Prof. Saeed Shaker

It was indeed a pleasure to attend the ICAGE14 held on March 2nd. I would like to thank Dr Rajesh, you and the other organisers for the same. It is with reverence I appreciate Dr Rajesh for his commitment for education and perseverance for quality.

Emirates Hospital, Dubai

Dr Uzma Aziz

Yes, ICAGE14 was excellent, well organized and very valuable, was interactive and everyone was friendly.