We are closely monitoring official guidance regarding COVID-19 and global concerns regarding travel and public health.
As the health and safety of our colleagues, course participants and faculty are our top priority, we have postponed all our courses planned upto the end of July 2020. We are currently looking at newer dates which we will communicate shortly. For any further questions, please contact icagedubai@gmail.com or submit a registration request in the form below.


Live Laparoscopic surgery Workshop & Symposium


ICAGE was founded by Dr. Dr. med. Rajesh Devassy in Dubai 2010 and have been successfully educating the forefront of Gynecological minimal-access surgery having conducted numerous events so far in UAE and Overseas.

Message from the Chairman's desk

Dear colleagues,

The ICAGE was founded by Dr. Dr. med. Rajesh Devassy and Prof. Rudy Leon De Wilde in Dubai 2010 and have been successfully educating the forefront of Gynecological minimal-access surgery having conducted numerous events so far in UAE and Overseas. It has been 12 years, but we would now count a year less of the pandemic and 28 educational sessions across MENA region

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Now the ICAGE 18th edition, in cooperation with Dubai London Medical Group, and together with Prof. De Wilde as Scientific Chairperson, live to the magnificent ENDO-DUBAI congress, Proud to partner with Prof. Arnaud Wattiez in this ENDO-EXPO special edition.

Being the accredited GESEA training centre in UAE, we have designed a practical outcome-oriented approach for practitioners to perform safe and easy minimal-access surgery. This includes: theoretical lectures and clinical discussion, didactic lectures and close interaction with the experts, video presentations and ESGE – GESEA Level 1 & 2 training sessions. Which we also conduct on a weekend basis at our centre. This hands-on training is designed for specialists interested in expanding their knowledge with training and testing their field in the advanced gynaecological surgery.

If you didn’t know yet, GESEA program is the only validated training method currently available for gynaecological minimal-access surgery in the world. Being a part of the GESEA and being a ESGE-GESEA training centre in Dubai, it is a proud moment for us to offer you this in our magnificent city!

ICAGE 18th edition will be a Live to ENDO DUBAI 2022 will take place, no matter what, we will have either a live session or a web session with live surgeries for this much awaited meeting.

7:30 Registration & Coffee DLC Desk
8:00-12:00 Session A. Laparoscopy
8:00-10:00  Lecture 1: GESEA Programme

·         Principles & Practice of Laparoscopic Suturing

·         OR Setup, ergonomics & Port Placement

·         Laparoscopic Anatomy & ESGE guidelines of steps in hysterectomy

·         Appropriate Use of Energy Devices

·         Facilitation access in Deep Endometriosis surgery

Dr. Rajesh Devassy
10:00-12:00 Hands-on Training:

1.       LASTT – GESEA

2.       SUTT GESEA

Ms. Johannes San Juan

Dr. Sadaf Hanif

12:30 – 13:00 Lunch
13:00 – 15:00 Session B. Hysteroscopy
13:00-15:00  Lecture 2: Fundamentals of Hysteroscopic Surgery

-          Office in Operative Hysteroscopy

-          Resectoscopic surgery: Instruments and indications

-          Hysteroscopic therapy in Uterine Malformations

-          Hysteroscopic Myomectomy

-          Hysteroscopic approach to adenomyosis and Synechiae

Dr. Rajesh Devassy
15:00-17:00 Hands-on Training:

3.       HYSTT 1 – GESEA

4.       HYSTT 2 - GESEA

Ms. Johannes San Juan

Dr. Sadaf Hanif

17:00-17:30  Coffee Break

Contact Johannes Direct: 24X7 Call Centre: +971-4-3782999


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    ICAGE 20 at Endo Dubai 2023

    Dr. Dr. med. Rajesh Devassy in association with Dubai London Medical Group Presents

    GESEA Level 1 & 2 certifications

    Together we are Stronger

    Register now: https://www.endo-dubai.com/registrations


    GESEA Training Sessions

    TBA 2024, Philippines

    TBA 2023 Bangkok, Thailand
    TBA 2024 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    TBA 2024 Varanasi, India

    Summer Season Dubai 2023

    6th -13th November 2022 Oldenburg, Germany

    October 1st – 4th October 2023
    ESGE 32 Annual Congress, Brussels, Belgium

    October 1st - 4th October

    ESGE 32 Annual Congress, Lisbon Portugal

    We will still host the Young Doctor’s and nurse’s forum exclusive at ESGE which was a
    huge success in Lisbon. We like you to represent your country in the future. We will be
    opening more avenues for Asian participation at ESGE and we would like you to write to
    us your interest to be a faculty at the ESGE Brussels 2023!

    Become an accredited GESEA Centre

    Pathway of becoming an accredited GESEA Diploma Centre

    Becoming a training centre using the GESEA Tools is easy. Acquire the tools, follow the tutorials and start your training activity. However, not every training centre can and should become a diploma centre.

    The application to become an accredited GESEA Diploma Centre is done through the ESGE Central Office. The ESGE evaluates the legitimacy of the application and informs the applicant centre on the potential acceptance.

    In case of acceptance, a collaboration agreement between ESGE, +he Academy, and the applicant centre is stipulated. After the successful signing of the agreement, an audit is scheduled and performed by +he Academy where the venue, infrastructure, equipment and staff are fully evaluated. Upon a positive outcome, the applicant centre can start as an accredited GESEA Diploma Centre.

    For a full explanation, please consult our Becoming an accredited GESEA Diploma Centre in Gynaecological Endoscopy .


    Accredited GESEA Centre
    Dr Rajesh Devassy’s Center of Excellence in Minimal-access Surgery
    Clinic for Gynecology, Obstetrics and gynecological Oncology, Pius-Hospital